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Secured Loan Against Property

When it comes to availing a loan, a good option that many would consider is a secured loan against property. This loan is called 'secured' mainly because the borrower has pledged an asset (in this case, property) as a collateral for the loan. So, it...

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Loan Against Property Advantages

Loan against property or LAP (as financial abbreviation) is one of the popular and convenient options available in the market. It is a loan which you can avail when you keep a property either commercial or residential as a mortgage with the bank. Banks lend...

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Loan against Property

LAP – Loan Against Property

In the financial market today, we routinely come across the term "LAP - Loan against property". This basically means that you can apply and avail a business loan against any commercial or residential property as a collateral. This is a form of secured loan that...

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