Personal Loan In Ahmedabad

personal loan in ahmedabad

An Easy Way To Live Your Dreams

Are you a resident of Ahmedabad? Are you an employed or self-employed individual? Are you wondering as to whether it is possible to live your dreams with your current earnings? If your answers to these questions are yes, then this post will provide you with the information you are looking for.

Personal Loan In Ahmedabad – What Is It

As the name suggests, banks provide finance to you to help you meet any of your urgent personal needs. Unlike home loans and car loans which are provided specifically for buying a house and a car, respectively, you are free to use this unsecured loan for any purpose, including your son’s or daughter’s wedding, child’s education, going on a dream vacation, paying off high-interest debts, purchasing an expensive gadget or appliance, renovating your shop or home, or getting a medical treatment. As soon as approval is accorded for your loan application, the loan amount will be credited to your account. You have to repay the loan on an equated monthly installment (EMI) basis as per the terms of the loan agreement enter into with the lender.

How To Get A Personal Loan

In order to get a personal loan from a bank in Ahmedabad, you will have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria specified by them. The eligibility criteria can vary from one bank to another, but in general, they are as follows: 

Salaried Applicants:

  • Age – 21 years to 60 years
  • Income – Rs. 18,000 or above
  • Work experience – Minimum 3 years
  • CIBIL score – As specified by the bank
  • Bank statement – 3 months
  • Salary slips for the past six months or salary certificate from the employer

Self-employed Applicants:

  • Age – 25 years to 65 years 
  • IT returns – For the past three years
  • Income – Minimum of Rs. 250,000 per annum
  • Credit score – As specified by the bank
  • Duration of self-employment – Minimum 3 years

If you are employed with a reputed firm, it means that you are in a stable job and you will be in a position to pay back the loan without any problem. As the risk involved is less, the banks may charge only a lower interest rate. Your rapport with the bank also matters to some extent.

Finwizz – The Best Loan Consultant in Ahmedabad

Obtaining a personal loan in Ahmedabad can be a tough task, especially for young people. This is because they need to take some time off from their busy schedules and put in some effort to identify the right lender. It may not always be possible for them to do that and that is why they should consider Finwizz. As one of the top loan consultants in Ahmedabad, they will guide you properly and connect you with the best lenders. They have the experience and the expertise to work on your behalf and negotiate with the banks to get you the best deals. You don’t even have to visit a bank. You just have to liaise with the executives at Finwizz over the phone. They will do all that is required to get you a personal loan.

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