Loan for Doctors

When a little more is all that you want…..
loan for doctors in India

What are Loans for Doctors?

For all those times when you need access to funds quickly and discreetly a doctor’s loan is the answer. This product- loan for doctors in India, is designed especially for doctor profile.

Doctor’s loan is similar giving to professional who are practicing as doctors either in their own or working with any clinic/hospital. Also for individuals who are looking at pursuing further studies.

This loan can be availed for any personal or business need. The loan amount, interest rate, payment mode, tenure and so on will be suited as per your unique requirements.

Personal Loans may be used to do the following:

  • Setting up clinic
  • Higher studies
  • Medical Emergency
  • Any financial emergency
  • Children or self-education
  • Marriage purpose
  • Vacation
  • Home or Office renovation or furnishing

How is my eligibility determined for a Doctors Loan?

Your eligibility is determined after looking at the following:

  • Mode of employment & Hospital you work for
  • Your current income – Net take home Salary
  • City of Employment & Current obligations (Any existing EMI’s being paid, credit card outstanding & Credit limit available)
  • Your Financial history & track record including CIBIL scores if available
  • From a stability prospective years of work /Business experience & residence check

We Offer

  • Loan with simple documentation, quick processing and disbursal.
  • Enjoy the convenience of doorstep service
  • Get the best in market interest rate for your personal loan
  • You need not worry about collaterals or guarantors
  • Try out the ‘Balance Transfer Option’ to get rid of high Interest current EMI’s and get slash up to 2% on interest rates on your current loan.