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A new home means a fresh start. At Finwizz Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., we will help you find and secure the finances needed to begin this next chapter of your life with utmost happiness. Our home loan solutions ensures that you get where you want to be in no time. Rest assured, we are also known for our friendly service and customised care for our clients.

Variety of Home Loan FinanceĀ 

In India, there are a variety of home loan solutions to suit every individual’s needs. A home loan is basically when the money required out of a loan is used to buy a house, apartment or any other livable property. Here are some of the key details for anyone looking for a home loan: interest rate can vary around 10%, maximum loan amount can be sanctioned to upto 90% of the property value, the tenure can be upto 30 years and processing fees is around 1% of the loan amount.

As one of the veterans in the field of home loan, we have assisted numerous customers to fulfill their dream of having their own home. Here is a breakdown of what all experts at Finwizz Financial Services will do for you once you trust for your home loan solutions:

  • We will assess the financial situation of the loan applicant.
  • Being aware of the best loan products being offered in the market, we will select the ones that will suit your specific needs.
  • Depending on your credit score and financial situation, we will evaluate your ability to repay the loan. This will further be analysed on the basis of requirements and stipulations of the institution offering the loan.
  • After this, we will help you with the documentation process. This is a very daunting process but with experts at Finwizz Financial Services, this process will become effortless for you.

There are a lot of applicants who are just beginning to establish their credit history, some are even in the midst of a financial crunch but they are very optimistic of the future. Our experts are quite competent at home loan solutions. We have dealt with numerous clients and each client is special in their own unique way. As are you!

Once you trust us with your home loan solutions query, your dream of having a home is now ours and we are going to handle it as carefully as you would.

AUTHOR: Sini Mathew
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