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When you want to avail of a personal loan in Pune

And quickly at that

You must seek expert advice!

We at Finwizz are the most trustworthy Personal Loan Consultants in Pune!

You stay in Pune and have a personal financial need.

Your need can be for

  • Home extension
  • Home renovation
  • Interior decoration.
  • Your child’s education
  • Your child’s marriage
  • Debt Consolidation
  • To manage a foreign vacation
  • For making down payment for your home
  • For purchase of white goods or gadgets
  • To meet medical expenses of a loved one.

Or something else.

A Personal Loan is disbursed without any security or mortgage.

The following points will be checked by the lending agency

  • Your age
  • Your occupation
  • Your income
  • Your capacity to repay
  • Your place of residence.
  • Your other on-going debt commitments including credit card dues
  • Your credit history / Credit score like CIBIL TransUnion.

 You have to consider the following points while availing of a loan:-

  • Your exact need.
  • Your present gross income.
  • Whether you are salaried or self-employed.
  • Your projected future income
  • Type of loan
  • Tenure required for the loan repayment.
  • Sustainable EMI.
  • Possibilities of future lump-sum repayment
  • Mode of repayment
  • Fixed or floating interest rate
  • Interest rate applicable

About a personal loan:

  • No security / mortgage is necessary.
  • Normal loan tenure is 1 to 5 years (12 to 60 months)
  • Maximum loan offered depends on your income and current debts
  • Normally the maximum EMI allowed would be not more than 40-45% of your monthly income.
  • The financial institution does not monitor how you actually utilize the loan amount.
  • You may get deductions in taxable income for interest on Home down payment / renovation loan under Section24. (On submission of appropriate documentary proof)

 There are hundreds of financial institutions and companies bombarding you with their schemes and offers for such loans. Which institution would be best suitable for your needs?

As you can see, this is a complex combination of factors.

A layman is not expert enough to take into consideration these complexities and take the right decision.

If you take a hasty decision without consulting an expert, you may face huge financial losses, a trouble in repayments and your credit history will be tarnished which may be detrimental for you in the long run.

We at Finwizz are at your service as the leading Professional Personal Loans Consultants in Pune.

We have a long experience and a proven track record as Personal Loans Consultants in Pune.

We will thoroughly discuss your needs and data and help you arrive at a repayment scheme including EMI and tenure that will never stretch your finances, now or in future. It will make your life easy and help you focus and take care of your other financial commitments now and also in future.

We can design the best personal loan plan suitable for you which will ensure

  • A sustainable tenure
  • Sustainable EMIs
  • Lowest Interest rates
  • Quick documentation in one-go.
  • The right company offering the best for your needs.

Our fully digitized process makes the process extremely quick and we assure you that it will be a pleasant and happy experience.

For repayments, we will help you choose the right option out of: –

Cheques /Drafts, Post Dated cheques, Cash, Funds Transfer, RTGS Transfers, NEFT Transfers.

With our expertise, you will realize that our personal loan solution has delivered maximum loan to value. Our thousands of happy customers can vouch for that.

Long term relationships based on mutual trust is our core value. That is why, we at Finwizz loans believe in extreme transparency. We have no hidden charges or small prints which you will later on regret. 

Contact us on mobile number
98230 95065 to arrange a home visit by our representative.

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