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India is one of the world's largest democratic countries which constitutes of millions of people. Given the diversity that the country sustains, there are innumerable political parties which have been formed in every state, district or town. Elections are an elaborate affair in India and also a very integral part of the democracy. Elections in India are held once every 5 years. As responsible citizens of the nation, it is our duty to exercise our right to vote. However, since it involves very large part of the population, elections are never an easy affair. There are innumerable instances of electoral fraud which take place during elections, beside many other such malpractices. Hence, to smoothen things to an extent, the Election Commission of India has introduced the system of Voter ID cards.

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What Is a Voter ID Card

A Voter ID Card, also known as the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is a photo identity card that is issued by the Election Commission of India to all individuals who are eligible voters. The primary purpose which this card services is to improve the accuracy of the electoral roll and help in preventing cases of electoral fraud. Additionally, it also serves as an identification proof when individual's cast their vote. This card is commonly known by other names such as an election card, voter card, Voter ID, etc.

Why Is It Important To Have

The Voter ID Card is an important document for Indian citizens for a variety of reasons:

  • Proof of Identitys
    The Voter ID card is an important document for Indian citizens as it is a valid form of an identification proof. The Voter ID card is accepted at various offices and institutions which require the individual to furnish a valid form of identification, like insurance companies, making online travel or accommodation bookings, obtaining a new gas connection, opening a new bank account, etc. Also, almost all government run agencies, insurance providers, claim firms, mortgage providers like banks ask applicants to provide a Voter ID number in order to process their request.
  • Casting Votes
    The Voter ID card is essential if you wish to cast your vote during any election. If you hold a valid Voter ID card and your name is present in the electoral roll of your local area, you can cast your vote.
  • Registration In Electoral Roll Of A Non-Domicile State
    The Voter ID serves yet another purpose of allowing individuals to register their name in the electoral roll of a state other than their state of domicile. This is especially helpful if a person has migrated from another state and wishes to enroll in the electoral list of his local area / constituency.

How to Apply for Voter ID?

Voting is the right of every Indian citizen and as citizens living in a democratic society, voting is essential to maintain the tenets of this type of rule. Voting ensures that the leader at the centre or state is someone who is trusted by citizens and is believed to be capable by all citizens. Voting is the best way to ensure this. Voting is carried out in different stages, right from panchayat elections to the elections conducted to choose a Prime Minister for the country. However, in order to vote, customers must be eligible. In India, citizens above the age of 18 can vote, regardless of caste and gender. In addition to this they must also possess a Voter ID without which citizens cannot vote. This is a document that serves as an Identity proof as well as Address proof. Voter ID is also known as Electoral Photo ID Card. However, these cards are not issued to those who are bankrupt or mentally challenged. Change From Here
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  • The Aadhaar number.
  • Electricity bill (issued in the applicant's name)
  • TLIC bond
  • Voter's ID Card
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